The Royal Varuna Yacht Club is  located in Pratumank, South Pattaya. Beaches, waterfront restaurants and islands are within easy reach. RVYC organises a number of cruises throughout the year, giving  members an opportunity to explore new places while having the comfort of sailing with fellow members.  A safety boat is always within close proximity. 


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Koh Sak

Koh Sak is a small island to the north of Koh Larn approximately 8 km from the club. A catamaran, in normal wind conditions, can reach the island in 40 mins.

Both northern and southerly prevailing winds will bring you to a very nice snorkeling beach on the far side of Koh Sak. Be aware  southerly winds  will make the bay a lee shore and low tide shows some coral heads.

History buffs note the footprints of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Lady Bird Johnson, Shah Reza Palahvi of Iran and His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej embedded in concrete on the right 10 meters up the footpath.


Koh Larn
Koh Larn is the large island  seen from the club.A two hour sail from the club will take you around Koh Larn and back There are five  beaches on this island suitable for landing.  Around the northern point of the island, is Laem Hua Kot. This  beach is good for a quick escape from the mainland, and can be reached in approximately 40 minutes in normal winds. There is a restaurant, and some snorkelling around the rocks on each side of the beach. If you wish to explore there are motorcycle taxis just up the path from the beach. 

Further around the north side you'll find  Thonglang, the busiest beach on the island. and protected by booms, which require quite precise manoeuvring. This can be interesting especially in southerly winds, when gusts of strong wind are mixed with pockets of no wind and 180-degree changes of wind direction. The beach itself is quite busy, and a good starting point for a motorcycle tour of the island. There is very little vehicular traffic on the island, but quite a good network of roads. There are some excellent views from the top of the island, and it is quite interesting to explore an island by motorbike that sailors know so well from the sea. It costs around 200 baht for a day to hire a bike (more for automatic gearbox) subject to negotiation. Check the brakes BEFORE going down the steep hills! Further south along the far side of the island is Hat Thian.

This is a beautiful beach, with clear water and easy approach. There are some nice, simple restaurants, and it seems to be reasonably quiet, especially later in the afternoon when the speedboats with day trippers depart. The next beach is Hat Samae. Alberto and the Nacra sailors seem to know all about this, but I don’t like it. There is a restaurant at the southern end which serves reasonably good food. Just after the point is no name beach; it is a long treeless beach, full of rocks – not really a very nice place. At the southern tip of the island is a fairly large beach with a few bungalows. This is a very tricky beach to approach in most wind conditions. In southerly winds, it is easy to get there, but hard to get away. In winter, northerly winds whistle over the hills on the island and seem intent on keeping sailors away.

Take the advice of the wind gods! Finally, there is a little tree-shaded beach in a cove at the southern tip of the island. Had it not been for a broken rudder, I would not have dared to approach this funny little cove, but on the day I approached it at around 15 knots, with a very strong following wind and a dodgy rudder, I discovered a charming, cosy, tree-shaded beach with a simple restaurant. It felt like Koh Samui in 1983, but some alarming rocks or possibly lumps of concrete dotted around just below the surf concentrated the mind. It may be worth a second look, but make sure your boat is insured!.

Koh Phai
Koh Phai is a big island around 22 km from the club, behind Koh Larn. It is a beautiful unspoilt island, and there are several beautiful beaches here. However, it is a long way from the club (about two hours in normal conditions), and it is recommended that an excursion to Koh Phai be well planned. It is not really suitable for single beach catamarans: it is better to go as a pair or more for safety reasons. Make sure you sign the cruising board, tell someone on land of your destination and expected return time, and carry a phone and water. That said, Koh Phai is a fantastic destination, and there are several lovely beaches on the south tip, at least two on the landward side, and one on the northern tip.

The Royal Thai Navy defend this land, and it seems that on occasions they prevent access by visitors. The waters are clear, the beaches are wonderfully clean. Big (very big and fast if you are on a Hobie 16!) container ships delivering Toyotas to various parts of the world from Laem Chabang deep sea port use the channel between Koh Larn and Koh Phai. It is advised to look left and right every now and again!

Ban Amphoe
Ban Amphoe is a fishing village about 15 km south of Pattaya, about two km south of Ocean Marina. Some of the best seafood restaurants on the eastern seaboard are in this area, and with good southwesterly winds Ban Amphoe can be reached in 50 minutes on a catamaran. After leaving the club, head south towards the last tall building within sight at the far southern end of Jomtien Beach. Eventually, you will see two identical towers, with a marina in front. This is Ocean Marina, a marina for gin palaces! Just south of that, you will see a large breakwater, and it is advisable to beach.

Koh Rin (temporarily closed for landings). 
Kho Rin is an iconically shaped island around 20 km southwest of the RVYC. There are two symmetrical hillocks on this island when seen from the club, and so it is frequently refererred to as “Brigitte Bardot Island” by older members of the club. Koh Rin is an unspoilt island, with a nice beach on the landward side. However, the direction of the prevailing wind (northerly Dec-Feb, southerly Mar-Nov) make this a bit of a tortuous island to reach from the club at all times.

Sanctuary of Truth
The Sanctuary of Truth is a wonderful “temple” constructed by a wealthy individual at the far northern end of Pattaya Bay. It is a truly stunning edifice constructed of wood, and has a very Hindu / Khmer feeling. It is said that the builder was told by a soothsayer that he would die the moment he stopped building it, so he kept building it to perfection until he died. This destination is particularly suitable for a north wind day from the beginning of December to late January, especially if the wind is slightly westerly. On a day like this, sail out from the club until you are in line for a direct reach to the northern tip of Pattaya Bay. Tack and head north, past the lighthouse, and the light on Koh Chun, probably on port. Watch out for speedboats left and right, but it does seem that the drivers are awake most of the time! The Sanctuary of Truth is around the point at the north of Pattaya.

It is really beautiful seen from the sea. However there are no good landing places after the point. And it is time for lunch! Head back south, around a stone jetty which marks the point of north Pattaya, and there is a small “Cheap Charlie” kind of restaurant, which serves edible food. Menus are in German too! You can beach easily, but watch out for a few rocks. Best to beach just north of the restaurant.


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